Your source for ordering spectacle lenses and frames!
- Integrate with MaximEyes practice management   and EHR software
- Improve accuracy of lab orders
- Faster turnaround on products ordered
- Real-time feedback on the status of orders
- Manage and track orders from one spot
- Submit traces with your orders
- Customize order entry screens
- Automatic order entry into the labs databases
  Accurate. Easily Tracked. Secure. Convenient.  
Are you tired of duplicate data entries or incorrect (costly) optical lab orders? Do you want to eliminate the need to re-key patient information?   

Then look at as your source for ordering spectacle lenses and frames through one of the largest optical lab networks in the industry (view key features and benefits). Registration with is free. You only pay for the products you order.   

Built with input from eye care professionals and backed by the most robust technology available, streamlines order accuracy and speeds up turnaround time. Enter patient data once in MaximEyes software and send spectacle lens and frame orders to hundreds of labs nationwide. 
MaximEyes & VisionWeb Lab Integration   Lab Partners
You Are In Control
Centralize patient data with MaximEyes practice management and electronic health records. Enter data once with a
built-in VisionWeb integration.
Manage and Track Lab Orders
Download a list of optical lab partners. If you don't see your lab listed, ask the lab to give us a call at 800-920-1940 or submit an online request.
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Promote your practice with a professional website. Connect with to find out how you can build a site in less than 20 minutes—no programming or design skills required.
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